Hothouse Talk: Giles & Cecile Studios

In another hothouse talk, the Cass presents Giles and Cecile studio. The talk is about how to set up our own studios if we were to consider to go freelance or to work in our own personal project. Also to make it succeed at it.

Business planning:

Quick pitch
summary summarize your services
Finance creating design is harder then finance, always make sure that you wise on how you spend
Your name? A name can say a lot about your studio.
Strapline. That is your name, logo, it should be snappy
Elevator pitch this is a 2 min pitch on why you would want to work with that person. Leave an impact.
Your background. This is important when you’re applied to this work field. CV is like a ticket to get the job.

Why do you want to start a studio? Why you?
What do you sell? Analyze your client and what do they want from your service. Where are they from? How much do they make.


Market research?
Marketing strategy
Market your work by doing many things like Portfolio, call, social network, face to fave, hand outs, flyers, work of mouth, website, exhibition etc.

Competitor analysis, see your peers work. Look at the weakness and strength, see how that can help you. Strength weakness o threat

Operations and logistics. How do you selling the good and how are you get the money.

How much? How much money do they need to survive.

How much will you make?

Personal projects.


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