The Start of Pecha Kucha

Today is the start of crit week. Everyone have brought in the work they have done so far to present in front of a the students in the Cass.

Started off the day very late when Bill brown and the PASS mentors came in at 11:00 – 11:10 and started taking about what the day had for us. We had a 10 minute break and went into a different studio to watch a presentation. The presentation was about pechakucha. Pechakucha is a Japanese word and its a presentation of 10 – 20 slides and presented at 10 – 20 seconds and the point of this is to get the point across and it has to be concise.

We watched two presentations that took the theme of pechakucha. The first was based on an idea called LSD dream and the second was called the beginning of memory based on architecture that the presenter like to call called Americano was presented by a Spanish man named Miguel Guitart. We watched three more and one that stood out was called Tick Tock Graphic Design. What stood out for me about this presentation was that it was about a graphic designer Tony Beresford talking about graphic design that he liked and what inspired him for his work.

The point of today really is to create and present our own pechakucha of the first term. This is why we got our work in and updated the blog. There is a lot of amazing work produced in this term. To pick out the best of the work from seven workshops, everyone put down their favorite works that they down on each workshop rotation and everyone voted by place a tiny piece of paper on two works from each workshops.


Once the votes have been placed and counted, the work has been chosen to be featured in this presentation.

After lunch everyone got the chance of putting up their work up and around the studio. Just seeing the work being put up on the walls, you really get the sense of ownership of the studio and pride of all the hard work that was put into the pieces in all the rotation.



The final thing the class got to do before we left was took a group picture. I didn’t know this was happening but we did it anyways.


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