Visit: Barbican Centre

Second day of the drawing workshop with a new teacher. Emily is leading the workshop of today and before we came today, we had to bring some in materials as preparation. The list materials were:

Sketchbook minimum A4 I ideally A3 – also ideally roll of  some A2 Paper
Pencils – different thickness’s and hardness
scalpel to sharpen pencils
coloured pencils
innocent smoothie bottle! – small bottle with lid
twigs (from trees etc)

Out of the list, I got six items for this workshop. This workshop is to think about the different thickness of lines and the different ways to come across drawing. As a group we are going to the Barbican centre to do most of the workshop. Before we got there, we twenty minutes of making tools, so that when we were using ink that Emily will provide us, we could experiment with different marks and lines.

I love being early to places, so I got to the Barbican centre early and started to look around the centre to see what was in store. Being the first time, I was excited about being here.


The brief is to draw the environment and the people that are at the barbican. There are four things to consider doing this which are abstraction, line, the face and weird. Abstraction is something for us to keep in mind be able to create the least marks but still communicate our drawings and topic. Thinking in terms of lines, using our tools and the ink, experiment with thickness line and different ways of creating the lines and drawings. When drawing people, focus on the faces and think about ways to do features in different ways, lighting and shades. Try accentuating features and remove features. For the weird, well for this, you’ll be using your favourite techniques to find a place/people/group/ in the space that intrigues us and do several drawings that explore why we are intrigued by this.

The whole group had a meeting at 1:00 and set out to do what the brief asked. We spent four hours at Barbican, with each hour coming together to see what we’ve done. At 4:00, We’ve got together and placed all the work out and actually looked at the work.


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