First day of the week and a brand new workshop. For today’s workshop, its called Drawing, as the title may suggests, we’ll be learning about drawing. What this workshop has in offer is that everyone in this workshop will look of in detail of how to draw. It’s similar to the mark making workshop however this workshop looks at other ways to approach visual imagery through different drawing techniques.

Everyone in class were told which workshops the were doing with which teachers and asked to bring in stuff. I’m in drawing workshop with Orly and Emily, and told to bring in drawing materials like papers, pastal crayon, Indian ink and so on, So I brought oil pastels, colour pencils, colour pens and importantly my sketch book.

Before starting any Monday workshop, Sara spoke to everyone about what happened last week for people that didn’t come last week and about New York trip with the eshop open to be paid for the trip. The last thing was about next week and that is Crit week, which is not really a crit in general but more of a celebration, so instead of coming on Thursday but on a Friday.

Today’s work shop is one day session, it stated off with a ten slides presentation. The presentation is called if building could talk. In presentation was about buildings and it showed building used in art, design and written work. She also told us to look up some information that could be important for us to know like Situationist international.


To start off with the task, the first activity is called emotion doorway, where everyone has to write any emotion on a paper, fold it up, put it in a bag and pick a random paper from a bag that state a different emotion to the one that I’ve written. The emotion I picked was Relax and I had to draw a doorway in that emotion. I found it difficult to show this emotion in a doorway so I drew two mess of a drawing and everyone had to write their guess on a separate paper. In another activity, everyone had to put one piece of paper that has a scenario on it but this time we had more drawing freedom. Once completed the drawing, everyone had to see what others done and pair you’re drawing that match. For both activities, there was three rules, things we can’t do, one is no faces, second is no typography and third is that you can’t write down or show what the little sheet said. The two images are orly talking about drawings in front of the class and the second was my results to the activities.



After these activities, we finally got the big brief. The brief was divided into two parts, Task A and Task B. Task A was called ‘record the building’. It wanted us to draw five rooms that was located in the within the six floors of the we were in using different material used before. Once it was completed this then led to task B which was to turn one of the five drawings to a poster and put on on the location that the poster is based upon. I’ve picked a certain part of the library. I felt that library was a fitting place because its the most important part of what makes the Cass special. I didn’t make it to completing the poster. I felt that drawing isn’t my speciality and that it really did slow me down to make it look like the room.

The five rooms I’ve decided to draw were the screen printing room on the first floor, The lifts on the sixth floor, The hallway in the first floor, The library on the second floor and the entrance of the sixth floor.


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