Feedback Week 2: Sketchbook



It’s a Monday, what better way to start off the second review week by having everyone put in smaller groups and showcase what they’ve done in the second core rotation workshop. I must say that the work I’ve seen in my group were AMAZING.

I personally think it was amazing that the work I produced looked child’s play but again I’m just way too nice or looking at other students work makes me wanna up my game which out of the two I can say its the second which is more true to me and how I actually feel. It may sound like a bad thing but I can tell you that it really isn’t considering that it really does motivates me into creating better work and inspires me to take my work from any different direction.

As you can see, everyone in the room is very busy looking at work and talking about it amongst their group. It’s really an interesting sight to see.


Just after we’ve looked and talked about our work amongst the group, we picked two pieces from each rotation that stood out for us and just got our stuff up ready to present.

From a distance you may not notice the work on display but come closer then you’ll be impressed by what we’ve produced.

This is the typography work done in the sketchbook. The first image is produced beautifully and was considered well on how to present it. The second image, well it’s not all that but I can only say that because it’s my own.


The two images below is showcasing animation and Mark marking. The hard work is just showing through by the details.



Although I didn’t take any photos during this process in which I really should have, the groups presented in front of everyone after an early lunch. I’m not going I’m not a natural speaker and the thought of presenting was driving me crazy because it really isn’t for me. However I managed to go through with it and I was completely fine. Although it’s the second review week but first time presenting this week I do find it hard. Like I said I’m not a natural speaker and although I’ve presented my work in front of a class before, it’s being able to present my work in front of newer people I really need to get use to which I’m sure I’ll be better at in later years.

After presenting, because everyone had an early lunch and did the presentation early, everyone that showed or mentioned their animation earlier had to show it in a different studio where the computer with the projector is set to go. For a good hour and ten mins roughly, the whole class manage to watch 7 to 8 animations and with the brief synopsis and thought that went in making it.


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