Today is the first day of the animation workshop. It was led by lector, Kieron. Before we stated anything, Kidron gave a mini introduction of himself for people who didn’t k ow him and told us what we what we were going to make in the two day workshop. The group were tasked to create a stop motion animation.

Animation is the process of creating the illusion of motion by means of the rapid display of a sequence of static images that minimally differ from each other. There are so many forms that Animation, such as gif, flash animation, 3D animation flip book, the list goes on. In this workshop, we are aiming to create an animation by using stop motion. Stop motion animation is a technique that requires physical objects to be moved slightly which acts as movement. These movements gets captured in pictures and taken in a software that plays all the images as a film. This pays off because watching the outcome of a stop motion work, it really does look like the objects is alive.

We began watching five short films at the start of the morning session. The first video is called procrastination. The video was made both stop motion video and hand drawn animation.


The second video was a music video and like the first video, it used mixed techniques, stop motion and hand drawn. What makes this interesting is that it shows the process of the movement.


The third video is considered by kieron to be his favourite animation of all time and it was made in 1994 or 1997. It was a stop motion animation.


The forth video is a combination between traditional animation and after effects. It was made by Josh Raskin. There is a lot of prods. The sheets or frames are being reused. This is a hybrid Animation.


The fifth video was seen as relevant piece of animation considering the recent attacks in Paris. It was a hand drawn animation and it was based upon an interview given by a mother who has lost her son from a shooting. The video had two animation for the audio even though it’s one piece. The first is a interpretation of the event and the second is a walk through of how Matthew lived. It is documentary animation.


The group was given a 15 min break, during this time Kieron was setting up a program called Dragon for the group to create our own animation.

The Group came back together and watch more videos. This time, these video have less narrative compared to the five videos we watch earlier.

The first video just told a story of different typefaces based on the alphabet and it was ironically called Alphabets.


Second video was a short music video. The narrative didn’t really have much narrative or a narrative I didn’t pick up. Not like the John Lennon animation.


A third video is like a animated gif but it’s made longer if that made any sense. It’s a music video for a Metal band called Lightning Bolt and the song is called The Metal East. Like a gif, the animation music video is on a loop but what makes this different, certain moments in looping, the animation is changing like the images is changing into different movements.


The Group got to watch a forth video and like the second video, it didn’t have any narrative but the technique was important to mention. The technique kaleidoscope, found images been cut and put back together. There were a book been flipping and in general different movements.


The last video is a line animation. The video is called Pingpongs. The image isn’t very clear but it shows two characters, a elderly couple having a conversation with each other.


The point of viewing these videos was understand the different animation that can be created however there is one thing that all these animation had was sound.

The has finally got the task to create our animation. Our Animation is a looped gif and it could be based on any idea that we would like. Kieron has given us a six panel story broad and left us for 30 mintures to start coming up with a narrative to present to him after lunch. My animation is based on the typography I’ve learnt from the first week of the second rotation.

After lunch, the group came back and went into the base room to receive a tutorial on how to the Dragon frame program.


Keiron is demonstrating how to use the program.

Everyone had a go using the program but we were in groups of two large groups. After using program, we began starting with our brief. The brief asked us to create a stop motion animation that was an endless loop. The animation could be based on an idea of our choosing but we had to show these in a storyboard and also research. I’ve started drawing up my storyboards but I’ve created around four to five. My ideas was based on the workshop on typography which was the first week of the second core rotation.

I’ve created two stop motion animation, one was using the dragon frame program and the other was created using a app called stop motion studio. iI have provided a link to my animation created the app.

Animation created in an app called Stop motion studio.

After creating these animations, I’ve shown them to Kieron to get feedback. The feedback I got for the app animation was that it looked like it wasn’t prepared and not a clean shot. For the animation done on Dragons frame, the feedback I got was that, I really needed to think about the surrounding before shooting the animation and think about what I wanted to be seen in the camera and what not. Because its a workshop, the outcome wouldn’t be great but would I do it again? Yes because I personal enjoyed this workshop.

Did I achieve an endless loop? No. This was because the animation file was so large that it was difficult to turn it in a gif in Photoshop. I need to upload it to YouTube to be viewed.

Because there were difficulties on uploading my animation as a gif form and as a youtube video, so I just just turned all the slides into a slideshow and uploaded it on this post.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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