Today, my group were introduced to Typography. On weblearn, we were told to bring in mixed materials, 15 – 20 smooth cartridge paper or anything similar and my sketchbook.

Typography means the style and appearance of printed matter. It’s also seen as art of arranging type.

My group went to the first floor to the letter press and put our names on one of two list, group A and Group B, and told to go to that group in the room. Once we got into a mini group, group A had to stay in the letter press room and play with the letter blocks and group B, which I was in, were given a lit of typographic words and had to go to the library and research what they meant however instead of writing what they meant, we had to draw them. We had to draw the meanings because as Visual communicators, we want to show what we mean then explaining it with boring sentences. We had to be back to the letter press studio back at 12:30 to show what we came up with.

This was the list that was given to us. There were typographic terminology that we had to draw on the page. The drawings can be large or small but it had to make sense to somebody who is learning typography. The drawings can be layout out anyway. Once we completed it, we had to label it with the term I’m trying to visualise on the paper. The drawings had to be clear and easy for someone to understand and I had ti limit my myself using actual word in the drawings.

In the time that was given to us, I managed to draw out ten of the words on the list and I think so far it turned out alright. I drew out on sheets of paper instead of directly on to the sketchbook was to avoid mistakes. Kim did say that creating mistakes is a good thing, so that we are getting used to it however I don’t see it that way. I do think some mistakes lead to something interesting but I don’t risk it on the sketchbook because I want my sketchbooks to be neat and somewhat tidy, having mistakes and crossing them out will look messy.

At 12:30, the group head down to the letter press studio and showed Kim what we’ve down, she told individual what she thought and we head to lunch and had to be back at 2:00pm. At 2:00, the groups had to be back in the studio back this time, the groups had to switch the task. Group B needed to take a terminology list and group A will be in the studio.

Just before everyone left for lunch, some of group A were told from the other group that they thought the letter press was fun to use, When we got back, the group got to it. The image below is a very large draw that contains tiny squares of letters, we would be using them to print.

When we got to use these letters, this was the result. I used the letters on a newspaper sheet as a test ran and I used it on the sheets that I brought in and the prints camera out for the first time really well. Although the class weren’t meant to use the letter press machine until Thursday, however Kim did show me how to use it today and it was difficult to handle. The prints did come out crisp and clean.



I took the images home and stuck them on the wall, just see how the results look from a far and all angles. I think that the prints came out alright for my first try but I don’t prefer doing this technique for typography in future because it seems in my opinion that it is a difficult process to get used to. I do have a respect for designers that used this method to achieve their print.



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