Review Week: Blogs


Group B presenting what they thought were great blogs.



Today, the class had to present and talk about the blogs that people have created. The way we had to go about this task was that everyone had to get into their group they were in for the projects and for Monday presentation and go into level 5 & 6 studio and review the blogs. we didn’t pick randomly pick someone from the class and look at their blogs but the groups were assigned to see the other groups blog. Group A had to look at Group B, Group B had to look at Group C and Group C has to look at my group, Group A.

In studio A, my group were tasked to look at people in Group Bs blogs.


There were a lot things to consider when reviewing the blogs. As a group, we had to consider and ask ourselves questions such as is blog complete?, can you navigate easily throughout the blogs?, Is the blogs written well enough to understand? And so on. As we looked at the blogs, we picked 3 that we thought as a group were really good, not saying that the rest were bad but the blog that were chosen had something that the group wanted to show to the class.

At 12:15, everyone had to return to the studio and present the 3 blogs. Being the first letter in the alphabet, my group had to go up first. The blogs we talked about belonged to, Jessica, Cameron and Fin. We talked about their blogs because we felt that each of them were great in their particular way such as, for Jessica’s blog, the structure of the blog and the chose type was considered whereas for Cameron had beautiful images. I think as a group, we thought Fin and Cameron were interesting because they had posted things that were outside of the University campus. What I meant by this was, is that they posted things like visits galleries and events that they visited in their own time which shows fully aware they are in the design industry.

Only two groups managed to present before lunch which was Group A and B. The Group C had to present their thoughts about three blogs from my group. I was really nervous to think what other people had to say about my blogs even though the chances of one being picked was random but having someone criticise my written piece is strange because written piece aren’t strong area, so people looking at my blog is weird for me.



The Group C had final presented their thoughts on what blogs they had thought stood out for them. Thankfully it wasn’t me because it would be embarrassing to show what I have written to everyone in the class.


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