Review Week: Paper/Sketchbook


It was review week at the studio. Everyone had to bring their work that they made in the three weeks and present it the class. Everyone were put in the groups they were put in and show what we done to past students.

Out of all the work, the group had to pick two of the best work from each week to present to the rest of the class and talk about the ideas. In this presentation, the speaker has to talk about what they’ve done and why and in response, the viewers are asked questions and criticize what like and don’t like. From this, the speaker would us this as feedback as to how they would improve their work.

The point of doing this is to see what everyone has done and help each other out with giving feedback. What I got out of today was that although everyone has done the same class and workshops, we all produced different outcomes and had different ideas.



Each group has present their work I’m front the class. This photo was group B present the work.

Our group was up to present to the whole class.

The format of presentation to class was done the same way within the groups. The format was each student came up telling their work with questions being asked.

On Thursday, blogs will be discussed.


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