Magazine Layouts

This post was focusing on layouts on magazines. Magazine Layouts is something I wanted to focus because as a student I am interested in creating a zine.

The spreads that are in the images are from two magazines, LOVE and Vogue and I picked these magazine because both magazine have chosen to completely different ways of showcasing the content.

For LOVE magazine, paragraphing are very long and clearing didn’t chose to separate them either. I wouldn’t think any designer or layout artist would have put thick amount of text this close together, it just seems like a headache to read. My problem for this is that, it just makes it look like there is so much to read and not enough happen. As a reader, I wouldn’t want to book to a spread and see one image and so much text close to together.


In a different spread, the designer decided to use a different composition for the text. For some reason, the text is layouted in three columns but the designer decided to keep the paragraph close together. I think displaying the text doesn’t work for me because the text looks like it’s bullets points. This spread just looks plain and not exciting at all.


What makes this spread better than the other two was that the designer has decided to change it up by taking a quote from the article and centering it on the page. I think the type and the way it was position looks good and didn’t try to make this spread visually appealing. I just think that the designer didn’t really care for much. However I’ve heard of the magazine somewhere online but never read and seen the physical magazine in stores, so this could be what works well for the people behind the magazine.



In another spread, I found images being used beside their article. Overall what I take out of this spread is that I prefer the advert on page 119 then the story on the other page. Just compare both pages, the advert jumps out to the reader and the colours, type and the square that was placed behind the model is just visually appealing for me to look at.


People behind Vogue have displayed their content in a far more better fashion. Vogue is a fashion magazine aiming to reach out to women at particular age. What I makes this magazine better to look at and enjoy to read was that the layout artist found a way of visually telling the readers about the articles and the placing of the title is perfect because probably the reader of Vogue look at the images first then their article, so the designer create their title and placed it on the center and have the article surround it. The layout artist created a two spread for an article and to introduced this article, they have got a photographer create an image to display on the first double spread and have it visually tell a story. The layout artist only gave a title with what the model is wearing in caption. I personally really love this spread because without reading the article, I’m getting a sense what the article could it be about.


The magazine has gone the same way as LOVE magazine did, having the text not in paragraphs and based on how the sentences start and end, it looks like it’s written/typed in center alignment. I wouldn’t complain about this because the layout artist decided to have image backing the article and both image with the text are composition in a way in manner that at least looks interesting for the readers like me to enjoy.


What I makes me want to this magazine on, is the way the layout artist has taken advantage of the use of images. The people who work to creating in this magazine shows how collaboration and communications is really taken seriously and their ideas are being heard and it shows in every spreads. ‘Essence of The Orient’ is visually beautiful and I think what makes this so interesting how the image was composition and the way the text is place in the white spaces around the focus point which is the bottle shows that they really deeply thought about what they want to put into the magazine.

What I take out this was when creating a magazine, composition of text and images are key. How you create with them is important and when doing this, the designer really has to think about how to make a spread visually interesting and practical. No designer wants to create a magazine that looks amazing but not readable and creating a spread that has far to many texts that looks like it’ll give the readers a headache and just visually plain to look at.


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