Whitechapel Gallery: Kibbo Kift Kindred

The exhibition the group came to visit is called kibbo kift kindred.

The woodcraft kindred is an association of people bound by the great ideal of world brotherhood, which will ultimately extend its ramification throughout the earth. It’s log-books and archives apart from constituting a source of delight to the kinsfolk themselves will be immense interest to the archaeologists and historians of the future, so it behoves our scribes to diligently compile copious records of the methods and activities of the kindred“. – The Mark, 1922

The influence that the artist would have in this development based on his professional background, is that all the design and art he has captured look like it’s designed advertising a story. The art style of the drawing looks like it could be in the Bauhaus movement because of its geometric shapes and use of primary colours. The work I base this thought is called “free right of the Totem House for Carol Griffiths (Dione), 1927” and “Sigil designs for lodges, 1929. Sigil designs for kin photographer, 1929”. Both piece were designed on paper. The totem house registered the kin names for each member. Kinsfolk had their symbols carved into a wooden disc. Hargrave used the term Sicily for the symbols to indicate specialisms within the kindred. Another art movement that had a prominent role like this is Dadaism. Dadaism was seen as anti-art but was seen art.

There is something here with a beating heart which, by it’s own tiny effort, is calling men to repent, to turn away from folly of a devastating materialistic age, and to live. Is that worthless – is that nothing?” – The Confession of the Kibbo Lift, 1927.


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