Studio Planning

On Thursday, the graphic design and illustration group began setting up our studio place. After the class visited various professional studios across London, we discussed what we saw and what we thought was important in a studio.

The whole group came with up 5-7 things that we thought we would want in our studio space. These were:
1.) Desks
2.) Inspiration wall
3.) Storage
4.) Drawing wall
5.) Craft area/supplies area
6.) Library

Each of these words were written on separate page. This was created so that it became like a task. The whole class written their names beneath the word they chose to help out in. I had chosen to help out in the desk.

The desk group had to create a plan on visualising how would put the tables in the studio and how enough space for 80 people to share the space.

Whilst the table surface and legs were being brought up on the sixth floor, the desk group created multiple plans on paper and discussion were made on sizes and space it would take.


We noticed that there were problems already with the plans the group drew up because of the shape of the room, so Ricardo took the group to the interior design studios on the fifth floor to inspire us on how we would arrange the tables.

The group looked over the plans and decided to setup the tables and play around with space.


After looking over the space, the group decided with the advice of Ricardo and Sara, the group rearranged the tables, having the single tables along the walls and against the Windows and three singularl tables across in the middle and two to three smaller tables on the side of the room.

Once the tables were placed and finalized, the walls were painted, images were collected and put up on the wall for the Inspiration wall. The lockers and plan chest were brought up and placed in the studio, as well as a book stand for a library.


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