Photography Workshop

Images are used for different things. It could be for a blogs where it could be seen as a identity or it could be used in catalogues and advertising where you could sell things. It can used in digital portfolio where you are promoting your work. Taking a Photography is important because it says a lot.

Taking a photograph, it’s important think to about the details like the backdrops, the surrounding and also think about when taking a picture, what do you want to photograph. Is it the detail of a work or is it the whole piece that is important.

What are the photos for?

  • Photos in digital portfolio is used to showcase the work to employers.
  • In blogs, the photos is great for documenting the process and shows how you got to the final final piece. It also helps tell a story and its great for the readers to engage in the story.
  • Creating a catalogue, the details are important because you want the readers be interested in the product.  Picture of yourself in a blog or even a catalogues, like a portrait gives the viewer know who you are.
  • Marketing materials can be anything. It could in the blogs or catalogue. You want to be to sell to the audience so the presentation is important.

Setting Up:
Lightning is key because it allows you to shoot easily. The studios allows you to create a control environment. A backdrop with a simple lighting might be all you need to use to create a photograph. Once you in the studio, think a out moving around the room to capture the prefect image.
Natural lighting is the nice thing to have in photography. Natural lighting could be recreated in a studio with studios lights but it’s harder.

Background. What’s better your subject
Think about the backdrops. Think about the colour of the backdrop.

Exposure in a camera is when your letting a light in and controlling the light. Shutter speed is when you control the speed of image your capturing.

ISO in the camera means the level of sensitivity of the camera to the available light. If the ISO number is lower then there is less sensitive to the light however the higher the number then it increases the sensitivity of the camera. There is a component  within the camera that can change sensitivity is called “image sensor” or simply “sensor”.

Focus is controlling the sharpness. Sometimes the the camera would make a sound when zooming in or out, that means it doesn’t know what to focus on, which is better to switch to Manuel focus.

The white balance on a camera is when you can controlling the colour. When taking a photograph, at different time where light can change, the White balance in the camera would change based on the light that’s coming in the lens. Colour temperature. The white balance can be change manually.

Think about the file. Do you want a jpeg, tiff or raw. Shooting photo raw, your able to change the image if something went wrong however Photoshopping it would be a process.

Fill in flash is giving the shadow a lift.

Some cameras would say if the image is a RGB. Keep in mind that if the images are used to view on screen, RGB is what

  • Checklist
    Before you press the shutter,
  • Assess the work
  • Set up your work
  • Lightning
  • Comfort
  • When your done.

During the afternoon, The graphic design group were able to take part in using the DLSR cameras. Everyone in the group took their pictures, (Mugshot).






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