Reflection on Creating Your Blogs

Since even the first day of induction we were told that our personal blog would be an important part of our first year as Graphic Design students. Not only do blogs allow us to create and share relevant content with an audience, it also allows us to develop our own interests and market ourselves as individuals to a bigger audience. The blogs allow us as students to communicate our learning processes and research with one another, as well as to our tutors and other people who might be interested and can offer us assistance.

With the easy step-by-step tutorial on how to create the blog it was pretty easy to follow the instructions and start our very own blog. In it we have been advised to post frequently about more than just our projects. Seeing as the blog will be one of the main representations we as students will give of ourselves to our tutors, it is a necessity to make the blog as complete as possible.

In this group task we got to know our peers a little bit more and, through discussing and working with them, we were able to establish a basic working relationship and know a little bit more about what roles we can take in group tasks. Overall I think the group exercise was a good idea, and a good way of getting us students to work with each other and overcome a little of that anxiousness that I’m sure all of us felt on the first few days of the course.


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