Kierons Workshop – Fanzine

In the afternoon, we went to a workshop run by Kieron. We were introduced on what Fanzine or zine was. Before he went into introducing what a zine was, He started the class with making us think about what would be left of us if we just disappear and all that’s left of us is the belongings we have in our pockets and a pile of empty clothes. What would people think about us by only judging by this objects and what kind of person are we without even realising it.He then took out everything out of his pockets and it was a couple of pens,ruler, small notebook, tape, seizures and a few unrelated things that everybody has like an iphone, headphones and keys. By his belongings we could clearly see that he’s some sort of an artist or a designer. After this he showed us very intriguing series of scans of different objects and tools that show his different sides. For example there was this series with doll-making tools that show a creative side of him, other one was similar to what he had in his pockets in class which was a reflection of his everyday self and a few others. After seeing this series he showed us the final piece of the project which is a self portrait inspired by the images. It showed his unique style and it was a mixture of all of his different sides and it was showing the way he sees himself as well.

Then he showed us how to make a zine. Fanzine or simply zine is a self publication work which usually reproduced by using a photocopier. A zine is created by fans of a particular interest or cultural phenomenon in the hopes of reaching out to other fans that share their interest. The quality of a fanzine may differ over publication but it is usually is created by photocopying and written in a variety of formats, from desktop published text to comics to handwritten text. Topics that zines covers are so board, including fan-fiction, poetry, art, music, design etc. Creating a zine is quite cheap to make and sell. Often narrate by topics too controversial, commercial, or niche for mainstream media, presented in an unpolished layout and unusual design.


The best in Zine is that there’s no rules to follow and you can make it unique. You can find there improper grammar, and briliant or radical or just honest ideas that we cant find in magazines. Its may contain a variety of writing style, can include personal essays, fiction, craft, music, movies, drawings photographs and a lot more.

This is what the zine would end up looking like at the final.



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